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Licensed Real Estate Broker, Licensed Notary


Marceena is a charismatic, savvy business woman with 20 years of experience in property management. With many success stories of flipping distressed properties, she is very passionate about making sure her clients are steered in the right direction to reach their highest investment potential. She oversees the activities of the TPM staff, tracks financial goals and makes sure that every department is complying with company policies.


Why do you like working for TPM?

“I enjoy bringing fresh talent to my business and to the industry. Watching them find their passions and coaching them within their strengths makes my heart so happy!”






Licensed Real Estate Broker, Licensed Notary, CMCA, AMS


Scott has over 25 years of experience in the property management industry. He has a wealth of knowledge of Washington State Landlord/Tenant Law as well as certified in Association Law issues. Scott attends meetings to help improve the efficiency and productivity of our properties and company.  


Why do you like working at TPM?

"This industry is exciting and everchanging so is difficult to get complacent and bored. It is also a privilege to mentor my team in property management! It thrills me to watch them succeed and prosper”



Licensed Real Estate Broker, Licensed Notary


Chase Peart is our in house Real Estate Professional. He specializes in single family investment properties, residential and commercial sales, as well as community and home inspections. He has over 6 years in the management industry and 4 years in residential real estate. If you are looking for a full- service Property Manager for your investment property - look no further.


Why do you like working at TPM?

"Working at TPM doesn’t always feel like a job, and that’s what I love about it. My co-workers, my clients, and associates all share the same vision – we all want to maximize investment property potential. As a Total Property Management Employee, I feel extremely thankful to have such a strong and friendly team to work with.. it makes all of the showings, inspections, and long phone calls worth the while. Strong management, family like connections, and continuous progress defines Total Property Management – I am glad to be a part of it!"


Morgan is in charge of the Marketing department at TPM. She recreates and develops marketing agendas, new business proposals and implements the new Brand strategy by overseeing the digital marketing and PR. Works closely with Scott and Marceena to assist them in their sales strategies by preparing and providing them with the appropriate materials and presentations. All in the hopes to streamline the communication between clients and our operations!


Why do you like working at TPM?

“Like many of my co-workers. I constantly feel stretched and challenged to learn and grow… Most of us are passionate about what we do. It is fairly easy to work hard for the success of our clients, tenants and our business!"



Karla has 15 years in sales and 4 years of experience in property management. With her excellent time management skills, she effectively monitors many spinning projects at once.  She is our leasing agent who is responsible for market surveys, filling vacancies with qualified tenants and is an acting landlord to our property owners. She governs vendor projects and closely monitors them until they are successfully completed. Along with her running list of responsibilities she also oversees our day-to-day operations to ensure the business is running smoothly and effectively.  




Julie makes sure all our property’s insurance is up to date, compiling all the necessary information together for resale certifications and condo questionnaires.  She also works closely with the maintenance department, by scheduling and helping dispatch.


Why do you like working at TPM?

“The variety of work motivates me!”  


Tara is responsible for coordinating bi-monthly site visits, creating visit reports and non-compliance letters. She sends every report to the Board for their review or approval and then implements the necessary steps to completion. You will also see Tara at Board meetings!



Why do you like working for TPM?

“Everyday is a new challenge with a new opportunity to learn and grow! I think the people I work with are wonderful. They are very supportive and helpful.”


Marie negotiates payment arrangements and follows up with clients to ensure all money owed to the company is billed and received correctly and in a timely fashion. When tenants are delinquent in their payments, Marie will contact you regarding the delinquency and will follow the protocol according to lease agreements.  


Why do you like working for TPM?

“This job can be very emotionally draining. The team I work with keeps my working environment positive and I appreciate that greatly!”


Marnie is our Controller and Licensed CPA!  She is vital to our company and to the success of your investments. She is responsible for preparing, analyzing and auditing all financial reports. She oversees the budgets and financial management for every property, works with tax returns, advises management on tax ramifications, oversees all accounts payable and receivables and audits for any errors, and misclassifications.


Why do you like working for TPM?

“I enjoy helping our properties investments grow.”


Dartainia works in the Operations Department with Karla. She assists in the leasing process by showing available rentals and leasing out our specific commercial and residential spaces. Oversees, all the HOA Demands, Welcome Letters and making sure new homeowners are well informed with association requirements.  She also manages the calendar for all the Board Meetings and Annual Meetings, generates newsletters and notices. Collects vendor bids to be approved by the Board. Once approved, she oversees scheduling their dispatch.


Why do you like working for TPM?

“The best part of my job is attending Board Meetings. It takes a lot to prepare for them… like being knowledgeable of the legalities within a community. Or staying current with bids or planning future goals! Its unnerving to be responsible for an associations investments but it is an honor to earn their trust.”





Jessica works alongside the Accounting department. She obtains approvals to satisfy vendor statements, scans, files and logs accounting documents and in charge of entering all payables and receivables.


Why do you like working for TPM?

“I am new to property management, but it has been an exciting process learning a new field.”


Rachel works alongside our Controller, Marnie. She develops and implements systems for collecting, analyzing, verifying and reporting all information in Accounting, Maintenance, and Transitions. This includes but is not limited to maintenance, financial reports, statements, office supplies, and meeting with board members. She is the main contact during any transition coming in or out, by gathering all the necessary documentation/monies for TPM to successfully manage the new property or to pass on a property to the next person. She audits our systems to make sure systems are implemented correctly and works on fine tuning where it is needed.


Why do you like working at TPM?

"I enjoy working for TPM to utilize my Accounting degree and having the opportunity to learn to improve systems and the companies efficiency to be successful."

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Why do you like working at TPM?

"I enjoy the diversity of my work and I love the team that I get to work with!"  


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Why do you like working at TPM?

"I like solving maintenance issues"